Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lest the Darkness Overtake You!

Walk while you have the light, lest the darkness overtake you. (John 12:35)

Your theology must work itself out, exhibiting itself in your most common everyday relationships. You may know all about the doctrine of sanctification, but are you working it out in the everyday issues of your life? Every detail of your life, whether physical, moral, or spiritual, is to be judged and measured by the standard of the atonement by the Cross of Jesus Christ.

From: One Minute Meditations

The Scripture verse from John tells us that we are to be about doing something. It also tells us that we have forces working against us, to stop us, to frustrate us. Time is short and we must be moving. Our salvation is not the destination. It is the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

Christianity is not an acknowledgment of Jesus Christ; it is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Everything about us rests in the hands of our Creator. It has always been there, even before we began our life as a Christian. We just never realized it.

The rest of our life is a race to the finish line. The writer of Hebrews describes it as a race run before all of our ancestors in the faith. They are looking on, cheering us towards the finish. We should perform at our best. Hebrews 13 tells us to throw aside, even as we are running the race, anything, absolutely anything that would slow us down and allow the darkness to overtake us.

The Scriptures assure us we can never be snatched from the hand of our Savior. However, some of us live as though we intend to put that promise to the test. We seem to throw ourselves in front of temptation at every opportunity. It seems as though we seldom gain victory over it and never run from it.

Walk! While the path is visible, while the guide is with you, while and where the light shines, Walk! No, Run, because at the end of that path is your Father in Heaven and lining the path are the saints who have gone before.

Pastor Craig