Wednesday, June 26, 2013


In the Lord I take refuge. How then can they say to me: “Flee like a bird to your mountain.” (Ps. 11:1)

There are times in the life of every Christian where we scream for relief. We want the storms to go away, the trials to cease, the testing to stop, and peace to reign. However, we have a Savior who offers more safety in the midst of turmoil than the most tranquil location on this planet.

The Psalmist is teased during his time of crisis, “Run away! Quickly, run away! Head for the hills!”

His reply? My refuge is the Lord God Almighty! What need do I have for flight? Why do I need to be afraid? It doesn’t matter if a thousand stand against me. The one I have on my side shall keep me safe and secure!

The world does not understand our contentment. Jesus tells us, “My peace I leave with you. Not as the world gives do I give unto you!” In other words, “I am leaving you something much better, much stronger, more reliable, more comprehensive, all encompassing, and never failing!” Why indeed would we run through the storm to any place else when we are already protected from the storm by the strong arms of our Savior?

Even the baby elephant above knows that the best protection is close to its mother. Even though we know the Lord is more protection than a hundred mama elephants, there are times we run to every source possible except the one actually able to protect us from the ravages of the storm.

Look at the picture on the picture at the beginning of this post. Look very closely. Did you see the figure standing in the doorway the first time you looked? Who would stand out there in the middle of such a horrendous storm? Who would venture out in those waves? The only person who would dare venture such a thing would be one who could rest comfortably knowing that between them and the pounding waves there was solid, impenetrable rock, something that would break the crashing waves and never be broken. There is no way a person could stand there on their own. They would be swept away, never to be found. To stand in the midst of such violence and conflict one needs to be protected by a mighty rock.

God has called you to do something. You are anxious about the task he has given to you. You don’t know where to begin and you cannot see the ending. Go stand in the storm, knowing that Christ the Rock stands between you and all ultimate harm!

Pastor Craig