Saturday, September 7, 2013


We owe you this.
Christians most everywhere owe you this.
We have been too judgmental.
We think that standing by what we believe must mean we have to crush what you believe.

Yes, probably one of us is more right than the other, but can we still worship together? Can somehow I hold on to what I believe while allowing you to hold onto what you believe?

Is Christ not big enough to love us both? Can we not trust the Holy Spirit to work on both of us to bring us to a place neither of us has arrived at yet, but to which both of us are striving?

I will try if you will.

I think, since the last time you were at our place, you may have had questions about things and not been able to find answers. We are sorry we caused you to doubt, to question, we're sorry we tore you down rather than built you up. Will you give it another chance? Will you give Christ another chance? It was us, not Him, that offended. He loves and cares. We just did a poor job of showing that.

Come back. I know it might not be this Sunday, but we will be waiting whenever you are ready.

First Presbyterian Church
210 N. McKinney
Ennis, Texas