Thursday, January 16, 2014

Do One Thing Brave!

Do one thing brave today! If that is your goal, what would you do? What would you even consider? Some people might sit down and being to make a list. Their list may include things like sky diving, running with the bulls, whitewater rafting, or trying some disgusting sounding, yet elegantly labeled, foreign cuisine.

All of the above? Mere child’s play. Increased risk of death, or severe gastrointestinal distress at worst. Instead try picking something really risky from the list below and see what God will do.

1) Tell someone who does not know that you love them. I’m not talking about some romantic interest, but someone who you respect and highly value. Be un-Presbyterian. Don’t think. . .FEEL!

2) Share your faith journey with someone, anyone! Most of us have kept this special part of our personal history far too personal. Share it. Tell someone what Jesus Christ means to you. Tell them how your life is different because you are a child of the king.

3) Get involved! We see so many things as we pass through this life. Much of what we see we let pass us by, telling ourselves, “That really isn’t my business.” Obviously, don’t be foolish, but remind yourself that a wrong or injustice committed in your presence automatically becomes your business.

4) Be Quiet! Turn off everything and sit boldly before God asking him to give you insight into his presence and will for your life. Then take him at his word and put into action whatever he tells you to do!

Remember one thing. It may all boil down to perspective. Are you the penguin or the bear? Either way, be bold.

Pastor Craig