Friday, June 13, 2014


We celebrate two brave beginnings this time of year. Graduations are taking place all around us. In the past week I had friends graduate from high school, college, and had several colleagues awarded their doctorate. All of these are brave beginnings in that they publicly declare that something new is happening, and that this something new is life changing.

The other brave beginning is Pentecost. Imagine the roller coaster for the disciples. Jesus’ ministry takes them to the height of popularity. They are rock stars. People envy them.

Suddenly, Jesus is crucified. He’s dead. These one time rock stars are now huddled in fear that they will be next. The doors are locked; the lights are out. Let’s pretend that no one is home! But, through that locked door walks Jesus, the risen from the dead Messiah. Everything is back on track! Life is good.

Forty days later Jesus gathers them together to say “Goodbye” for real. “I am going away. Where I go you cannot follow just yet. Wait!”

Wait? Wait for what? Haven't we be waiting long enough? We want to start something. We are ready to return to our rock star status. But, the only job they are given is to wait, just wait.

So, they gather together, probably in that very same room where the celebrated the last meal with Jesus and where he walked through the locked doors. They wait for someone or something called “The Comforter.” They wait, and they wait. Then they wait some more. Ten days they wait. They are not exactly sure what they are waiting for, but knowing Jesus, they’ll be able to spot it when it happens. Jesus does not disappoint. A sound, no, more like a thunder of rushing wind seems to descend upon their very spot. They have feelings they are not quite ready to put into words. Their fear is gone. This is The Comforter!

All of a sudden, the need to hide in the upper room vanishes. The teachings of Jesus that seemed so obscure and difficult to understand are starting to come together. Yes, Jesus had to die. Of course, Jesus would rise. Certainly, The Comforter is the next step. Everything is clear, Everything has purpose. Peter walks across the room, opens the door, and leads the disciples down the stairs and out into the street.

Pastor Craig