Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where is God?

 It is said that Martin Luther was once asked, “Where was God before heaven was created?” It is reported the Luther gave the answer, “Off building hell for such idle, presumptuous, fluttering spirits and inquisitors as would ask the question in the first place!”

While the response probably does give rise to a chuckle in most of us, the question does remain. Where is God? Where is he now? Where was he when. . .? Fill in that void with the question you asked when you needed him and he felt far away.

There are, of course, the theological answers, answers with big words but lacking in practicality. Then there are the answers we give our children, “Up in heaven’” or “He’s in your heart,” answers that are long on the practical aspect, but short on depth.  Both of those answers are, for their own part, good and adequate.

The question must have intrigued Luther somewhat for in another place, when he was lest testy he gave a more complete answer. Luther said, “After he had created all things, he was everywhere, and yet he was nowhere; for I cannot fasten nor take hold of him without the Word. But he will be found where he hath bound himself to be.”

There are two VERY important parts to that statement. I cannot fasten nor take hold of him without the Word. God has chosen to rest fully and completely in the Word, the Word being Jesus our Christ. If you desire to know God, know Jesus Christ. In fact, God cannot be found through any other means. It was Jesus who said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by me.” There is no back door. There is no alternative way. Other religions won’t get you there. Sincerity isn’t the answer. A relationship is the answer. God has made a way for you to find him. Isn’t that marvelous?

The second part is just as amazing. He will be found where he hath bound himself to be. The infinite God is not like a feather tossed on the breeze, one minute hear and the next somewhere else. No, through his amazing grace God has revealed his location and will remain there, calling your name.

Where is this place? Once again we go back to the foot of the cross. God promises to be found in no other place, in no other philosophy, in no other religion other than that to which he hath indeed bound himself.

Jesus Christ has come to make God known to you. The one that is everywhere but can be found nowhere has chained himself to the person of Jesus Christ, the same Christ who wants to come and set up residence in your heart, the same Christ who wants a relationship with you.

Where is God? Out looking for you!

Pastor Craig