Friday, August 3, 2012

Stirred up

Let us consider one another to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together.   (Hebrews 10:24-25)

“We are all capable of being spiritually lazy saints. We want to stay off the rough rods of life and our primary objective is to secure a peaceful retreat from the world. To live a distant, withdrawn, and secluded life is diametrically opposed to spirituality as Jesus Christ taught it.

All we want to hear about is a spiritual retirement from the world. Yet Jesus Christ never encourages the idea of retirement - He says, "Go and tell My brethren.”[1]

While our Savior is no taskmaster, neither is He without expectations. In the same way that Christ called His disciples to a time away from the crowds, bustle, and stress of ministry, so He called them back to ministry and sent them out to continue what had already begun.

Sometimes the difficult process of discernment for the Christian is knowing when Christ calls to push ahead, and when He calls us to rest, recharge, and relax. There are certainly times when we feel our energy has been spent, our reserves are dried up, and nothing is left to finish the task at hand. It is in those times that Christ does indeed call us away to a quiet place and bids us, “rest.”

The rest of Christ, the renewal of the Holy Spirit, prepares us once again to take up the work of the Kingdom. It is truly refreshing, as long as the time spent is spent submitting to the comforting peace of the Holy Spirit. If one is simply avoiding the task Christ has called them to take up, there will be no rest until that task is completed; their soul will find no peace in solitude, no comfort in quietness, no refreshment in sleep. Satisfaction, at least in this particular calling, will only come when the task is completed and the Spirit releases us from that particular urging. What is God calling you to complete?

Pastor Craig

[1] One-Minute Mediations