Friday, August 3, 2012

Venture All!

We lose nothing by the Gospel, therefore we should venture thereupon all we have.[1]

 When I read the statement above it seems so obvious to me, so plain, simple, straightforward, and true. However, if that is indeed the case, why are we so hesitant? It seems that we should be more bold in our witness. Have we not been entrusted with the words that lead to eternal life? Have we stopped believing that, regardless of the question, when it comes to life’s difficult issues the answer is still, somehow, bound up in the person and work of Jesus Christ?

Yes, we may be rejected a hundred times for every one person who comes to know Christ in a whole and real way. Is that one “Yes” not worth the 99 “No’s”? Is our intact pride to be valued above another person’s soul? Are we that fragile that our Savior cannot restore our shattered self-esteem when we feel the rejection on a personal level?

There is a phrase, popular in some sections of Christianity these days. It is “living into our baptism.” When we were baptized, we made certain promises, or there were promises made for us. If we were baptized as an infant, we went through a confirmation class to join a local congregation. The purpose of this class is to allow us to confirm on our own behalf those promises originally made for us as a child.

The questions asked when a person joins the church include at least one question about involvement in the church and the desire to lead a life in obedience to Christ. How many of us have seriously thought about what full obedience to Jesus Christ actually means? In one sentence, it means recognizing that we are not our own boss anymore. We bend our will to the will of Jesus Christ. If ever we find the Scripture commanding one thing and our desires wanting something else, we set aside our desires and submit to the guidance of Scripture. It’s time to live like the Gospel is true!

Pastor Craig

[1] Luther, Martin (2006-02-01). Selections from the Table Talk of Martin Luther (p. 67). Public Domain Books. Kindle Edition.