Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I have heard it said that trying to figure out God is like fishing in the Pacific Ocean with a 1 ft. long piece of dental floss. I guess that means it is frustrating, to say the least. 

Consider the season of Easter we are currently celebrating. Aren’t there many other ways God could have gotten our attention? I am sure that a marketing agent would have suggested Jesus make some changes to the last few days and weeks with his disciples. I am also sure that agent would have scheduled nonstop appearances for Jesus after the resurrection. Sometimes, we must simply bow to God’s wisdom and have faith. Isn’t that what it is all about anyway?! Jesus gave many clear messages as to how and why events would unfold as they did. The disciples, so much like us in so many ways, were just too thick headed to believe. They could not get out of the possibilities to which their mind limited the Son of God.

Well, God seems to love a good surprise doesn’t he? He delights in blessing us with wonderful thing we never could have seen coming our way. He loves showing up when, and where, we do not expect him. He thrills at the idea of constantly pushing our boundaries back when we tend to go for the “God in a box off the shelf” mentality.

Really, we should have seen it coming. Look at all the times in the Old Testament God brought the impossible into reality –
  • Old people giving birth to children!
  • Slaves gaining their freedom and plundering their former taskmasters!
  • Cross a huge body of water on foot and not getting your sandals muddy!
  • Giants being brought low by children!
  • Raising the dead!
All of these only as a warm up to his greatest event of all!

Making you and me children of God, brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ and obtaining an eternal inheritance for us! What could possibly be next?

Pastor Craig